VRX GrainVac Clean-Up in Kenmare, ND - July 10, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

I got ahold of a few pictures from a demo Corey, our rep in North Dakota did a little while back in Kenmare and thought I'd share how it went.

Mike farms a few different crops: soybeans, winter wheat, durum, peas and sunflowers.  He has 3 hopper bottom bins he uses for storage, emptying the majority with an auger and then finishing off the bottom with his current grain vac. He also has two 30-foot bins that use a bin sweep unload system.  You can see him in the  picture above trying the clean-up nozzle inside one of these bins.  Another useful attachment in this scenario would have been the floor sweep with handles.

He liked how quickly the VRX sucked the grain out of the bin and that the end dumper poured it into the truck smoothly and without much mess. Mike is also thinking about trading in the larger of his 2 tractors, and was excited to see that even the smaller one had enough horse power to run the VRX at full capacity.

Thanks to Corey for another successful GrainVac VRX demo and to Mike for having us out there. If you'd like to host a VRX demo contact your local REM dealer and we'll send someone out to show you exactly why the VRX is a revolution in grain vaccing!

For more on Grain Vaccing, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/ratherbevaccing