VRX Demo Unit Sold!

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Posted by Mark Tacheny, East Central Marketing Inc., Greentown, Indiana

Max Meyer had used compressor style Grain Vacs in the past, but he was not fully aware of the REM VRX (Vac and auger) design. I explained the design features and cited the performance advantages that it offers, when compared to some of the other Grain Vacs on the market. Faster loading speed, lower power requirement and lower noise levels were some of the things that we talked about prior to the demonstration.

The 1st of two loads of corn was taken from a 24’ diameter, 7,500 bu. bin. Max removed the 6" bin auger and we attached the REM VRX directly to the 6" auger tube, using a 7" to 6" transition adapter supplied by REM.

The REM VRX loaded about 1,100 bu. in 28 minutes. Max said that the corn in this bin had gotten hot, it had a lot of FM. He told me that he was impressed with the loading speed considering the condition of the corn and the fact that we were pulling from a 6" auger tube. Max told me that when he loads with the auger it takes at least 45 minutes to load 1,000 bu.

The second load of our demonstration was corn taken from a 48’ diameter, 66,000 bu. bin with an 8" bin auger. This 8" auger cannot be removed when the bin is full, so we placed a plastic hopper under the auger outlet and used 13’ of hose and the REM Bin Load-out Nozzle.

The VRX easily kept ahead of the 8" bin auger, loading the truck with about 1,100 bu. of corn in just over 18 minutes. Max was very impressed with the demonstration of both applications and commented about the speed and the lower sound level compared to the other vacs that he had used.

Max asked me if I could leave this machine on his farm, then he made a deal with Plevna Implement to buy the VRX.

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