Surprising Revelations About Grain Dust!

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Just when we thought we had heard everything about the GrainVac and dust collecting, grain handlers surprised us with some fresh revelations during the Agri-Trade show in Red Deer last week (November 6-9, 2013). It turns out we are not the only ones whose truck vents get plugged with grain dust that is exhausted during grain vaccing. Farm vehicles, tractors and semi trucks all get packed full, too – creating one more maintenance job that we can all do without. Although we travel around extensively from place to place with our testing activities and get into all kinds of vaccing situations, we have never before heard about what happens when grain dust settles and sticks on the tops of bins or steel buildings. The dust holds the moisture and eventually, the roof will start rusting. I had heard about the dust settling on clean laundry that was just hung to dry and how it does an awesome job covering a nearby swimming pool. The VRX dust collector is the solution to all these situations. For so many years, we have been focused on the health benefits of having zero dust in the bin and creating a healthier work space for operators, that we had not considered the cost of these other dusty facts.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth and educated us on these further benefits of this new option for our GrainVac VRX. I can’t go without telling you that the Dust Collector was absolutely the star of this event. All three of us running the booth went non-stop explaining, not only what this cyclone attachment could do, but the merits of our VR technology and how the VRX makes coming out to do demos something that we look forward to. We have 56 people waiting for us to get a VRX to their place to try it out, and many of them are looking for the dust collector to come along for exactly the above reasons. So, we are busy booking demos – if you think your name should be on the list just give us a call. --Jody Duclos, REM Sales Manager.

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