So Little Time With A REM Grain Vac VRX

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Over the past couple weeks things at REM have been hectic. The shop has been maxed out, our sales team, what with all the demos and farm shows has had their work cut out for them, and up here in my corner - just like everyone else - I've been scrambling to keep up the pace. But when I heard about the experience Ally had at his grain vac demo in Angusville, Manitoba, I felt the need to slow down and share.

This particular customer has been using a REM 2700 grain vacuum for the past couple years, but has used a few of our other models as well, such as the 2100 and 2500. He grows mostly spring wheat, which he stores in 15,000 bushel bins. When it's time to move it, he uses an auger to empty the first 13,000 bushels, then switches to his vac to clean up the remaining 2,000 bushels. However, after having the chance to see how quick our new VRX Grain Vac is, he's considering using one from start to finish! And the revolution in grain vacccing continues...

Thanks to Ally Wharton for another successful Grain Vac VRX demo, and Charlie McKnabb from SH Dayton's in Shoal Lake, MB for setting it up. Keep on Vaccing!

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