Sample's GrainVac Service Has High Hopes for REM GrainVac VRX

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

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Marland Sample, owner of Sample's GrainVac Service, has had his hands on a good number of REM's GrainVacs over the years and has a lot of interesting stories from some pretty weird situations. A little while ago I called Marland up to see if he had any good stories for me, here's one that I really thought demonstrates some of the versatility and precision that the VRX has to offer, something that I don't talk about nearly enough.

Some time ago, a soybean seed production facility near Padua, IL asked Marland to come over and fix a small problem they were having. Apparently someone had accidentally dropped treated beans of one variety on top of a bin of untreated beans of another variety. It was up to Marland to pull the treated seed off without removing too much of the untreated seed. So, he ran the hose up 24 feet, then looped a Stainless Steel Flex Pipe down into the bin. The pipe then went straight down 15 feet, with 2 sections of basketweave hose laying on top of the beans to work with. Even with 15 feet of vertical pull, two basketweave hoses and working gingerly in the soybeans, they were still doing 10 bushels a minute. It really sounds like Marland had his work cut out for him this time, good thing he had the VRX with him to get the job done!

Thanks for another great story Marland! To everyone else, keep an eye out for more weird grain vac situations from Marland at Sample's GrainVac Service. For more on grain vaccing follow REM GrainVac on Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel, RatherBeVaccing.