Sample's Grain Vac Service Moves 38 Year Old Corn

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Sample's Grain Vac Service

Down in Padua, IL, Marland Sample, owner of Sample's Grain Vac Service uses our vacs quite a bit. He's seen just about everything when it comes to grain vaccing and has been in some pretty strange situations, which is the reason I gave him a call.

One day, not so long ago, Marland was called upon to move some 38-year-old corn at an elevator in a small town. So he headed out there with his VRX Diesel, sporting the new Dust Collector Option and began moving the ancient corn. He had 5 lengths of hose running between the vac and the silo door, moving about 900 bushels every 25 minutes on the first day, until chunks started falling off the silo walls. After that, load times became dependant on how quickly they could unplug the doorway. If you Click Here you'll see that some of the corn has actually turned into small chunks of dirt, but is still getting sucked up and passed through, he figured that about 98% of the debris was filtered out by the Dust Collector.

Great story, and excellent use of the VRX, thanks Marland! For more on grain vaccing, vist Sample's Grain Vac Service or REM GrainVac on Facebook! Or check us out on YouTube at RatherBeVaccing!