Rem's New GrainVac VRX Demo at All West Sales - June 13th, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

On Thursday I had the opportunity to travel to All West Sales in Rosetown, SK with our reps Ally Wharton and Brian Shygera. We arrived at All West to find that Daryl had three vacs on display out front already. Having never seen the GrainVac VRX up and running, I was getting pretty excited - only an hour until prospective customers would begin to arrive!

As the day progressed, it was clear that my first demo was going to be a wet one, word around the office was that these guys went out no matter what the weather was like. So when Brian told me it was too wet to fire up a machine, I couldn't help but feel like he was pulling my leg. When he noticed my skeptical reaction, he quickly explained that excessive humidity and moisture would cause the vac to run more slowly.  Maybe it was my over-excitement at finally seeing the VRX in action, but I thought that maybe with some additional information I would be able to change Brians' mind.

Still not satisfied, I called up Mark, our rep in Iowa, to see if he might have anything to say. He agreed that wet conditions might not be the best to vac in and added that the moisture content would not only affect the quality, but in turn, the worth of the grain. Finally, I was satisfied that my leg was not being pulled, and in the process had learned a great deal more about vaccing!I took matters into my own hands and called Jody, our Sales Manager, for his thoughts on the situation. He explained that the additional weight of the water would not only reduce suction, but would increase the amount of friction as the grain moved through the tubing and up the auger. This would reduce the speed and, in turn, cause damage to the grain.

Despite the poor weather, customers were eager to learn about the advantages of the VRX and by the end of the day we had stirred up quite a bit of interest. The All West Sales staff were extremely helpful, and working with someone as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as Daryl is always a pleasure. And of course, Glenda Lee Allan and the Golden West Radio crew was fantastic to work with, and were able to generate more awareness for the event than I could have hoped for! Thanks to everyone who came out, and for anyone who missed it, contact Daryl from All West Sales at (306) 882-2283 for more information.