REM Grain Vac VRX Demo near Dickinson North Dakota - April 23, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos
Vaccing sunflowers made easy!

I had a chance to get out with the new VRX grain vac and move sunflowers last week.  I accompanied Chad, our sales rep for North Dakota and Blase from the local John Deere store Dakota Farm Equipment .  We traveled out to Greg Kessel's farm and moved 7500 bushels of sunflowers.  It's so much fun to work with a machine that can vacuum sunflowers quickly, and make it easy.  I thought I would share the details of what we did and how it all worked out.

First of all, if you've never worked with sunflowers, you may not know that this is a very light grain.  Normally with these lighter grains, a vac swill suck more into the body than the auger can take away.  If you don't manage the suction, you may blow a shear pin because the auger is so packed tight with grain.  This ability to adapt is one of the things I love about the VRX.  Now, back to my story...

We locked the air throttle in the closed position (7th hole from the bottom), set the VRX at 1000 RPM, shoved the hose into the flowers and let her go. We were loading 1000 bushels in 13 minutes or 4600+ bushels per hour on full bin load out.  I found that as we added more hose, we could also add suction by opening the air throttle one hole at a time.  When we had four hoses on, for a total length of about 30 feet, we still had to have the throttle in the fifth hole from the bottom.  The beauty of the whole situation was that we could run the vac at 1000 RPM keeping the auger running as fast and as full as possible, simply by adjusting the air throttle.