REM Grain Vac VRX Demo in Rosetown, SK - June 13th, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Catch the New REM Grain Vac in Action!

Six months ago I became a member of REM’s family. My career started on the factory floor, where I saw first hand, the amount of time, energy and attention that is put into every single one of our Vacs; from the raw materials being cut and shaped, to the finished product being assembled, and everything in between. Now, as a member of the Marketing Team, I am beyond excited knowing that I have the chance to take our product on the road and see its capabilities myself.

Of course, I’ve heard the stories that the VRX has been re engineered in every way to outperform the competition, and that despite its speed, the VRX runs more quietly and efficiently than any other Vac on the market, but hear-say is nothing compared to a live demonstration!

This Thursday, June 13th join us in Rosetown at All West Sales, where we will be moving grain from one truck to another, to give you a glimpse with your own eyes that the Grain Vac VRX really is the top of its line. REM Sales Rep. Brian Shygera will be joining Daryl Davis and his team at All West Sales. We will be giving away one of our hot options, the Bend-a-hose, at the door. The participant with the closest guess to how fast our Vac can move the product, will have the opportunity to use a VRX for a day. We will also provide snacks, such as donuts, hot dogs, pop and coffee, so please come out and see us in action at All West Sales in Rosetown, this Thursday.

All West Sales has been a REM Grain Vac dealer since 2007. If you have any questions or would like more information on the demonstration, call the fine folks at All West Sales at 1-306-882-2283.

Hope to see you there!

James Donaghy.