REM Grain Vac VRX Demo in La Riviere, Manitoba, April 10, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos
We Moved a Super B of Canola in Short Order!

I had an opportunity to demo the new Grain Vac VRX to Dennis Darling of La Riviere, Manitoba a couple of days ago.   Dennis has been moving grain using a grain vac for several years and currently owns a Rem 2700.

On this day, Dennis had about a thousand bushels of Canola to transfer from bin to truck.  We started out with 8 feet of stainless steel hose, and ran the vac with the auger completely full.  The Canola was pouring out like water.  Dennis and his crew said things like, "the VRX is much quieter that our 2700", and "wow, does it ever have more capacity at a distance than our 2700".

It was awesome to see that they experienced the same things I did while I was testing the VRX over the last 18 months!

I was there with Dennis’ dealer, Jack Driedger from Altona Farm Service.   Before the demo was over, Dennis was asking Jack when he could have one of his own VRX's.

I just can’t sign off without mentioning that Jack has been a very busy REM grain vac dealer for more than 20 years.  He is always there for his customers, and makes sure that we find out all the things we need to know to make things better.  You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AltonaFarmService