REM Grain Vac Dealers get their first look at the new GrainVac VRX

Submitted by: Jody Duclos
The REM grain vac dealer network is top notch in my opinion.

I introduced the new GrainVac VRX to a big group of our dealers last week.  Dealers came in full force to both of our events in Swift Current SK, and Shenandoah, IA.  We had over 100 dealership personnel show up!  Some of the guys traveled more than 12 hours to attend.  I know what its like being away from family, stuck in airports and on icy roads. One dealer told me he was missing his daughter's annual 4H fundraising event to come to our meeting.  When it was time for the Q&A session, people were asking all the right questions, and making great suggestions for improvements.  The mood was like nothing I had seen before.  People were excited with how we changed the machine from the ground up.

As we served the pie for dessert, we called up 25 people to the stage to accept the more than $3000 worth of cool door prizes.

I heard something I've never heard from a dealer before:  "You've done everything I asked you to do, and then some.  There's just nothing else you could change to make it better."

I can't wait to get out there and show people what this new grain vac can do on their turf. This week has been nuts with orders pouring in.  Now, I'm off to meet with production to break the news to them.  

Jody Duclos - Sales Manager