Quieter Grain Handling - VRX Demo in Devil's Lake, ND - July 9, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

REM Sales Rep Corey HajekNew GrainVac VRX Demonstrates Quieter Grain Handling in Barley!

Last week our North Dakota sales rep, Corey Hajek, had the chance to work with Leading Edge Equipment in Devil's Lake to show grain vaccer Steve Wood what our GrainVac VRX is all about. Steve has owned 3 of our grain vacs since his father purchased one years ago, and currently operates a 2700 model that he has put 240 hours on so far. He says it still performs just fine and thinks that the amount of use it gets is only going to increase in the future.

They only filled the truck halfway with barley, but that's all it took to convince Steve he liked what he saw and heard - or didn't hear. He raved about the new hose rack and how easy it was to access what he needed, but he was in awe over how quiet it was compared to the older vacs. He also observed how high the capacity was with 22' of hose attached and the telescoping tube extended, as well as how easily the air throttle regulated the suction.  Light grains such as barley get sucked in more quickly than other grains, and can overwhelm the auger even at top speed.  But with the air throttle set to control the intake to match the output, grain handling these light grains is a whiz.

Steve uses his 2700 GrainVac to clean out his bins from full to empty, excluding the ones with take-out augers. However, should the takeout augers in these bins wear down and stop performing properly, Corey recommended removing it and hooking the vac right up to the sump, as an affordable alternative for replacing the flying. Thanks to Steve for having us out there and best of luck in all of your future vaccing!