Moving Barley Mountain With REM GrainVac 3700

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

My colleagues and I met at REM on Sunday evening before driving down to Lloydminster, AB for the night. The next morning we continued on to the Perkins' Farm near Wainwright, AB with a GrainVac 3700, where we would be moving a pile of Barley. Jody our Sales Manager, Kent the Engineering Manager and Joe from R&D  were running some time tests. I however, was on a recon mission, hoping to talk to Brian and his son Ian about their new GrainVac VRX, and maybe even capture a testimonial expressing their opinions on REM's newest model of grain vacuum.

Brian was already in the yard when we arrived at 7:30 am, and after greeting us, took us to the site where we would be moving barley. The pile was on the ground - this year's crop had been good, leaving them with a shortage of storage space - and looked like it was about 30,000 bushels; all-in-all it took around 25 truckloads to move. I spent most of the morning photographing the event, while Joe kept track of load times and Jody and Kent did most of the vaccing. After a little while, however, I just couldn't resist anymore and asked if I could give it a shot.

Jody had no problem with me getting some vaccing experience, so I got myself set up, Joe showed me how to turn on the grain vacuum and away I went!... For about 2 minutes before my lack of experience got the best of me and my foot was sucked into the hose.  Kent eased off on the horse power and after a bit of struggling I pulled my foot free and scrambled backwards, while everyone chuckled at my misfortune. After that I kept my feet moving and made sure not to lose track of how far into the pile the hose had buried itself. Kent showed me that if I kept the nozzle just under the surface I could keep tabs on where it was while still maximizing my capacity.

Brian was even nice enough to send his son Ian out with their skid steer to push the grain towards the middle of the pile as we worked our way around the outside. If he hadn't, we might still be out there shoveling!

Before we left I convinced Ian to share his thoughts on their new VRX, check out the video below to find out what he had to say.

Thanks to everyone at the Perkins' Farm for having us out there, and especially for providing a skid steer and lunch! If you're interested in learning more about everything REM GrainVacs have to offer, visit our YouTube Channel RatherBeVaccing, or follow REM GrainVac on Facebook.