How to use the REM grain vac air throttle

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Hello everyone, There has been some people asking how to adjust the air throttle or get the best out of it on the Rem 2700 and 3700 GrainVacs.

You should watch the “How to get the best out of your VRX” video as the air throttle is used the same on a 2700.

Please check out the following link for that video.

Get the best out of your VRX

In lights crops such as sunflowers, oats, or barley, you will be able to suck more grain into the machine than the auger can physically take away. In cases like this, you will want to keep your auger speed going as fast as possible by keeping the grain vac at 1000 rpm, but limit the suction by adjusting the air throttle to a more closed position. To get maximum capacity in light grains, start by locking your air throttle so the lock pin is in the 6th hole from the bottom. If you don't see grain coming up in the window, keep adjusting the air throttle down one hole at a time until you see it coming up in the inspection door window. If you see it coming up in the inspection door window, raise the air throttle by one hole. By doing this you will find the "sweet spot" where you will not plug the machine but the auger is completely full.

The ability to adjust the air throttle gives the operator 100% control on how much grain can come into the tank.

If you need more information at all, let me know. We are here to help.

Jody Duclos - Sales Manager