Growers Cannot Afford Dockage

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

With some grass seed selling for up to $ 5.00/lb, growers cannot afford dockage while moving this valuable commodity.

A recent demonstration near Lake Manitoba, even with a bone chilling temperature of minus 38° Celcius plus the effect of a prairie-style wind chill and a less than enthusiastic tractor, Garnet Kapstick of Ag West Sales (Portage la Pairie) put on an impressive demonstration of the VRX in fine seeds and Canola.

This farm grows a range of  commercial  grass and Alfalfa seed which is stored in 2000 bushel flat-bottom bins to keep seed separate.  The farms also grows regular wheat and oat crops.  When it came to replace his REM 1026 Grain Vac , the farmer researched the market to compare a variety of Grain Vacs available from a number of manufacturers.

It soon became clear that a PDI action vacuum (Suck – Blow) was not suitable as it was unable to separate dust and fines from the sample.  Another brand of auger vac was tried on demo , but was found to be to aggressive on the lighter seeds, and when separating seed from the vacuum it was actually venting seed out of the exhaust. The VRX proved it's ability to move light grains fast, without damage that will cause dockage.  And so, this farmer chose to outfit his operation with a VRX.  Thanks must go to Garnet from Ag West for this demonstration”.

Ag West Sales in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, has been a REM GrainVac dealer since 1991.  Call Garnet and his crew if you're looking for information or a demo for the GrainVac VRX - with or without our Dust Collector option - at 204-857-5130.