GrainVac VRX Testimonial - Handling Peas and Lentils

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Funk Paul Funk farms near Wymark, SK, dealing mostly in peas and lentils. Recently, he purchased a REM GrainVac VRX, and he was kind enough to share with us a few thoughts about his new machine.  click here see what he has to say. The first thing Paul was impressed with, was how quickly the VRX moves product, loading a semi in a "short while". In the past, because he works with peas and lentils, he's had problems with splits, which has cut into his profits. However, since switching to the VRX, Paul says the amount of damage incurred when moving product has significantly decreased. He also appreciates that the VRX eliminates the need for a dust mask, separating the product from unwanted debris, and blowing it out the exhaust tube. Happy vaccing, Paul! Want more on grain vaccing? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, RatherBeVaccing, or like REM GrainVac on Facebook.