GrainVac VRX Field Trip

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

GrainVac Field TripLast week I had the chance to roam around some of Saskatchewan a little farther North, as well as Alberta to see what was happening out in the field with REM's GrainVac VRX. Most of the farms we stopped at still hadn't put many hours on their vacs, but the consensus seems to be that the VRX a solid machine!

I made the back seat my home while Earl from Research & Development drove, and Kent our Engineering Manager navigated. As we got farther North I noticed the trees start to thicken and it quicky got chillier! It was really interesting to hear some real life testimonials on the VRX, although I was a little disappointed that they hadn't had more use. Still, I managed to get in a number of lessons on how the vac works and walked away, albeit slightly stiffer than usual, feeling somewhat more confident in my grain vac knowledge.

I have to say that it's not often a Marketing guy, such as myself, has the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the Engineering Manager. It was pretty exciting to hear Kent explain the functionality of the machine and why certain things are the way that they are. Afterwards the whole machine made a lot more sense. Just a small example, if you've ever owned a REM vac before, you probably know to leave some space at the intake nozzle to keep the air flowing smoothly. Well guess what, because of the VRX's design, you actually want to bury the end of the hose in the grain, leaving at most an inch gap. The reason for this is because of the completely redesigned airlock system. The more negative air pressure built up inside the VRX, the stronger the suction, meaning your grain will fly through that hose!

I also noticed a lot of flexible blue hose the farther west we got, which is great to see because to me it means that people want the VRX to be as easy to use as possible so they can use it more, but I thought I should mention that REM also now offers an Orange Hose Option made from poly urethane, which will actually shine up on the inside the more it is used and keep your load-out times low and your capacity high.

I'm looking forward to another trip with these guys next week. I'm sure there's still plenty more out there to see, so stay tuned and keep on vaccing!

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