GrainVac VRX Demo at Elm Creek - June 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

It was a wet Manitoba morning, as Ally and I drove to Elm Creek to meet Sergio, a local farmer and long-time REM customer, to demonstrate the capabilities of the new REM GrainVac VRX. The previous night's torrential downpoor had me concerned that the rain might have foiled us again. Luckily, Ally seemed confident that the show would go on.\

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Jordan and Andrew, Sergio's sons, who were eagerly awaiting the performance! Once we had the vac set up, it became apparent that the moist ground was causing the jack to sink, tilting the vac,  and lowering the grain auger, so we slid a 2 x 4 underneath to level it off and ensure the best performance possible. Ally gave the guys a quick lesson on maintenance and how to keep their VRX running at max capacity with the use of the air throttle to control suction. We attached a length of stainless steel pipe, as well as a shorter stainless steel flex pipe, for a total of 20 feet, and fired it up.  

I was surprised to hear how quiet our grain vac was compared to the tractor that was running it. I had been expecting deafening noise, but was still able hear parts of Jordan and Ally's conversation from several feet away.

Despite the moisture, we moved about 1,000 bushels of soy beans in under 20 minutes, which left both Jordan and Andrew smiling and quite impressed. They loved how quiet and easy our grain vacuum was to use and were pleased to see that it lived up to the hype as best grain handling machine in it's class.

When Sergio arrived we had already finished, but his sons filled him in on the demonstration and he was pleased to hear their positive feedback. Sergio seemed to have a lot of faith in our grain vacs and in REM, so I was especially pleased to see that we had lived up to his expectations. Good luck with all of your future grain vaccing, Sergio! I can hardly wait until our next outing!