GrainVac VRX Demo at Born Implement in Amherst - July 9, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Our Ohio sales rep, Mark Tacheny, ran a VRX demo at Born Implement  in Amherst, OH.  Here's his story:

People watched our GrainVac VRX move 3 loads of corn. The first load ran at about 3473 bu/hr and was 1,100 bushels total, from what Mark estimated to be a 50' bin, and took 19 minutes, pulling from a one foot long 6" auger tube that had been installed in the side of the bin just above the perforated floor.  Mark reminded the customer of the importance of consulting with the bin manufacturer when making modifications such as this load out location.

The second load was taken from a 36' bin with an 8" auger tube reaching 15' into the bin.  The VRX was attached to the auger tube using an adapter and an 8'stainless steel hose, for a total length of 24'.  It took a total of 11 minutes 30 seconds to load 1,070 bushels. This works out to be 5582 bu/hr - that's fast! In fact, it's almost half the time it usually takes with an 8" auger.  Those of you who think about grain vac capacity at a distance, take note!

The third load was taken from a gravity feed open door, about 8" across, which emptied into a hopper. With 4 sections of hose attached they were able to stay ahead of the flow.  Then they decided to insert the hose directly into the bin to try to increase the flow.  There may have been a slight improvement, however in the process, some corn spilled over the hopper. Fortunately, this provided the opportunity to demonstrate the floor sweep option, which attaches directly to the end of your hose and is a great tool for cleaning up any mess inside or outside your bin.

Mark plans to return to Born Implement in the near future for a follow up demo, so keep an eye out for some video. Thanks for the story Mark!