Grain Vaccing at Ridgeline Farms

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Corey was called out to Ridgeline Farms in Aneta, North Dakota on January 13th for the sale of another of REM's GrainVac VRX. Since Corey wanted to make sure that they would get the best results, he stuck around and ran a demonstration, explaining the ins and outs of the VRX and why it's different from the other vacs we've manufactured in the past. Rodney, the operator and hired man at Ridgeline, noticed right away how much quieter the VRX is than other vacs. He was also impressed with how quickly it ran, loading 1,091 bushels in only 12 minutes with 10 feet of hose attached, including a stainless steel flex and the load-out nozzle. He also liked how flexible the orange hose was.

Best of luck in all your future grain vaccing, Ridgeline, and to everyone else, keep on vaccin'! For more about REM GrainVacs, visit our YouTube Channel RatherBeVaccing, or like REM GrainVac on Facebook.