Grain Vac Demo: Fast, Easy, Quieter Than Your Tractor

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

In October Ally Wharton, REM Sales Rep, went down to Maple Equipment in Preeceville, SK for a grain vac demo. Three people showed up to view Ally demonstrate REM's latest vac, the VRX. They were running 800 bu trucks in about 14 minutes, unfortunately the oats they were moving were a bit damp, slowing up the process, but Ron still said that overall the VRX ran as fast as any of the other grain vacuums he'd ever used. The real highlight, however, was the difference in pitch between the VRX and other vacs. One gentleman had owned a 2100 and mentioned how much quieter the VRX was. Ron said that "everybody commented on how much quieter they run, you know, that was the big thing. Even myself, I go back to the old 252's and the 552's and there's even quite a difference in sound and that when running them. I'm actually quite impressed with this vac, very much so."

The guys were also pleased to see that it didn't plug up at all. They opened the air throttle all the way to increase capacity and the VRX just kept those oats flowing! Ron was definitely impressed, his words were "we just let it go and it handled that very well". It sounds like this demo made good impressions all around, hopefully everyone passes on the word to their friends and we can get some more demos set up! If you'd like a free GrainVac VRX demo in your area don't hesitate to call, you can reach us at 1-800-667-7420. We'll bring out a vac, set it up, show you how to use it, and even do some work!

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