Grain Handling Made Easy In Poor Conditions - Demo At Oak Bluff, MB - July 25, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Grain Handling

Our sales rep for Manitoba, Ally Wharton, had his work cut out for him the morning he made his way down to Oak Bluff to demo our GrainVac VRX. He borrowed a vac from AgCon Equipment, our dealer in Winnipeg, before arriving at the Bossuyt Bros. farm. Spotty showers soaked the yard and made it challeging to get close to the bins; luckily, the VRX has more hose than any other grain vac on the market!

The bins held oats and wheat and were built back when 3 to 5 tonne trucks were still used for hauling. Because there was no way to get the vac near the bins, Ally got creative and added a whole lot of hose. The problem is that the more hose you add, the more friction you create as the grain travels in the tube and into the body, ultimately, slowing down the job. If you asked Ally, I'm sure he'd tell you the best way to fix the problem is to use as much straight stainless steel hose as possible, with as few kinks, bends, hills and valleys in it as you can manage.

Despite how poor the conditions were, our grain vacuum sucked up 1,040 bushels of wheat in a clean-up situation, and augered it into the 45 tonne truck in about 35 minutes - a task that would have taken the gentleman's 27-year-old Convair grain vac an hour and a half to complete, when powered by the same 6430 John Deere tractor.

The Bossuyt Bros. seemed impressed, especially seeing how well it ran in less-than desirable conditions. With an older machine in their shed, and upcoming expansion, it sounds to me like the perfect opportunity to try a REM, and see just how easy grain handling can be!

Thanks to the Bossuyt Bros. for having us, and to Les Booker, Sales Agent for AgCon Equipment, for letting us use their machine. To everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for new developments, and keep on vaccing!