Go Home Early When You Use a REM Grain Vac

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

Last week at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois our Sales Manager Jody Duclos ran into a long-time REM GrainVac user, Ronnie Sloan.

Over a slightly fuzzy phone call, Ronnie shared his REM experience with me, which started almost 20 years ago. His first grain vac was a REM 1026, which he liked so much, that he later upgraded to the 1026 B model. After that, it was the 2500 Deisel Vac, and then the 3700, which he says runs faster than any other grain vac he's used.

One of the things he really likes about our vacs is the way the airlock system works with the addition of the air throttle option. The air throttle, spring-loaded end dumper doors, and fan work together to produce consistent, high-pressure suction from one end of the machine to the other.

"We can load a semi about 900 bushels in 8 - 8 and a half minutes. I get a little over 100 bushels a minute. And they [the staff] like that, because in half a day we can send our trucks on home and they can go do something else; when the other crews take all day loading 10,000 bushels."

Ronnie also mentioned something I thought was interesting: over the past 10 years he's heard of Monsanto offering a 10 cent premium for every bushel moved using a REM grain vac,  suggesting that the largest soybean seed producer in the world  even thinks our vacs do a great job!

As of right now, Ronnie still hasn't had the chance to see our newest grain vac in action, the VRX, but is looking forward to a demo sometime later this month.  Thanks for reading, and to Ronnie for his story.  To everyone else - keep on vaccing!

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