Get the Best out of Your Grain Vac 2700

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

In the excitement of launching our new VRX GrainVac, I have neglected to talk about the machine that we have been selling to grain handlers everywhere for the past 3 years.  In it's own right, REM's 2700 grain vacuum is a powerful grain handling tool, and pulls grain fast at longer distances than ever before.  With a few basic pointers, anyone can get the best out of this grain vac every time.  Here is a list of our top recommendations specific to the 2700 model:

1.  SHINE UP THE FLYTING.  2700's all come with the longest lasting flyting on the market today.  The challenge with this hardened surface is that it comes out of the box with a rough finish close to the shaft, which takes several hours of run time to polish up and therefor achieve maximum capacity through the auger.  To bypass the break-in period, pull out the flyting sections and grind them smooth.

2.  MAKE SURE THE SEALS ARE RIGHT.  A vacuum of any sort has to be well sealed to work at its best.  Here are the critical seal points for the 2700:

  • Auger joints
  • Bottom auger clean-out door
  • Body inspection door
  • End-dumper door.  The tension needs to be roughly 22 pounds when pulling down from the end of the spring arm until the door opens roughly 1".

3.  LEVEL THE MACHINE.  Everyone knows the steeper the angle of an auger, the less capacity it gets.  A grain vac is no different.  If you just can't get level, you will need to manage your intake volume accordingly.  That's were the air throttle comes into play....

4.  MANAGE THE SUCTION.  The air throttle is a simple design that gives you the ability to adapt to any grain vaccing situation by managing the intake volume.  You can allow the throttle to float freely according to the amount of grain you are into or you can manually close off suction to slow the intake of lighter materials - allowing your auger to clear.  Serial numbers 2336+ come from the factory with the throttle installed.  For previously built machines, there is a kit available.

5. THE REM HOSE ADVANTAGE.  REM Grain Vacs come with substantially more standard hose than any other vac on the market.  Together with the telescoping inlet and floor sweep, you can clean up within a 49' radius from the base of the machine.

Doing all of these things together will give you the best "out of the box" experience with your REM 2700 Grain Vac.  Happy vaccing!