Cleaning Up Wet Wheat in Roblin, MB - July 3, 2013

Submitted by: Jody Duclos

It was a bit wet in Roblin, Manitoba when our sales rep, Ally Wharton, arrived to demonstrate the grain handling capabilites of REM's new GrainVac VRX. The demonstration was arranged by Andrew Chase, manager for Mazergroup locations in both Roblin and Swan River, and a total of eight curious spectators arrived to see what the VRX could do.

Despite a leaky bin from the storm the night before, our grain vacuum augered about 60,000 lbs, or 1,000 bu of moist wheat in 2 loads. Onlookers had the opportunity to help with the bin clean-up, utilizing several different hose combinations, such as stainless steel pipe, 3 stainless steel flex pipes, and a rubber hose to increase maneuverability, for a total length of 30 feet plus the vac, as well as the floor sweep and bin clean up nozzle. Even with everyone lending a hand and trying all the different options, the whole job still took less than half an hour.

The moist conditions also made it an excellent opportunity to showcase the benefits of the air throttle. Ally explained that by leaving the air throttle open and allowing the arm to float freely, it was able to suck the moist grain into the body of the vac as quickly as the auger could possibly take it away, and with minimal damage to the seed. Everyone was convinced that if the VRX could handle wet wheat, it could handle just about anything.

For a clean up job, and despite how much people were learning about the benefits of owning a Rem GrainVac, everyone sure seemed to be having fun! By the end, the crowd was pleased with the performance and observed how high the capacity was at 35 feet. Mazergroup even had their first VRX sale at their Roblin location! Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Andrew for hosting the event. Keep on vaccing!