Basic Maintenance for your GrainVac VRX

Submitted by: Jody Duclos
Keep your grain vac in tip top shape with these basic maintenance tips.

Basic Maintenance

There are some basic maintenance procedures that should be done on a regular basis to help you get the best out of your GrainVac VRX.

  1. Before you take your grain vac out, you will want to oil the chain. We recommend using an aerosol chain lube, applied when the chain is cold.
  2. You also need to grease the overrunning clutch daily.
  3. Take a good look at where your augers join. The rubber seals should be in good shape, with no gaps.
  4. Also check your inspection door. Make sure the seal is in place all the way around the door.
  5. At the rear of the grain vac, behind the guard, you will find one grease zerk on the belt idler. 1-2 pumps of grease are needed here roughly every 20 hours of operation.

Seasonally/100 hrs of Operation

  1. The PTO shaft requires greasing in a few places. Each cross has a zerk, and on these, apply one pump of grease.
  2. You will also find zerks on the outside of the shielding, one of the most neglected because people don’t realize they are there. Give them each 2-to-3 pumps.
  3. Move to the front shaft bearing. This zerk requires 1-to-2 pumps.
  4. Next, the shear hub needs 1 or 2 pumps. This needs to stay free in case you blow a shear pin.
  5. At the back of the GrainVac, remove the rear guard and hoses to gain access. Behind the large pulley there is a bearing. Apply 1-to-2 pumps of grease.
  6. At the very top of your auger, there is one zerk that needs 1-to-2 pumps.
  7. The next thing you should be checking every one hundred hours is the air lock spring tension. Using a fish scale, adjust the tension to 3 pounds at one inch of opening on the large door and no more than 6 pounds at 6 inches of opening, and 3 pounds at one inch of opening on the smaller door. These settings will ensure a tight seal, which is critical to your machine’s performance.
  8. The rubber torsion axle has zerks beneath these rubber caps. Give them 1-to-2 pumps annually, and replace the rubber caps.
  9. Gauge the rear belt tension by measuring the length of this spring. Compressed, it should be 3 7/8 inches.
  10. Inspect your belts once a year and check for wear. If they are worn or cracked, replace them right away.

To ensure that your gearbox is in top running order, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your grain vac is level – both front-to-back and side-to-side.
  2. You want to make sure that your breather functions properly to avoid build-up of pressure, causing the seals to leak. Remove the breather.
  3. Clean the breather with a solvent and blow it out with compressed air.
  4. Remove the plug on the side fill hole.
  5. If oil starts to come out, you have enough oil in the gearbox. If not, add oil until it starts coming out the side fill hole.
  6. Put the side fill plug back into place.
  7. Reinstall the breather.

logoIf you follow these basic maintenance steps, your GrainVac VRX will run at it’s best. Any questions or comments please comment below or give us a call.