All New GrainVac VRX

Submitted by: Jody Duclos
The Revolution Starts Now.

Over two years of design and torture testing have gone into the new GrainVac VRX.  Rem’s new GrainVac VRX raises the bar on reliability, longevity and performance. Every single element of the VRX has been stress and endurance tested. We believe that the GrainVac VRX will be hard working and very reliable.

The road to launch day has been a long and fun road to travel. As the GrainVac VRX went through its paces one after another, we became more and more excited to bring this machine to the grain handling market. Research and Development kept the GrainVac VRX top secret, hauling it from location to location under stealth and farmers were sworn to secrecy. (Okay, not sworn to secrecy but they were asked nicely not to talk about this new machine and how it worked for them. See one testimony here)

I had the opportunity to watch, and record this machine in some pretty extreme conditions. From freezing winds of winter to the squelching heat of the summer, this GrainVac would not quit. Our engineers were never satisifed with good results, they wanted to push for the best results. They wanted to give you a machine that would work hard and would last. One of the key moments for me was to witness the bottom auger being changed out in under 5 minutes. Translate that into reduced labor costs! (See the video here)

logoOur goal was to remove variability wherever possible. The GrainVac VRX operates very differently from previous models. As a result, it’s a lot easier for even a new user to get the best performance out of the machine every time- Jody Duclos, Sales Manager